Why is an Agile toolbox useful

If you are just starting with SCRUM within your group and / or company, it is quite difficult to find a good tool to show your progress of your sprints

A AGILE Toolbo  AGILE Toolbox x can offer the solution, after all you don’t want to spend a lot of money right away going to give to expensive tools.

The AGILE Toolbox contains tools that you can use in the role of Scrummaster , (LEAN) coach or project manager.
With this AGILE Toolbox you can get started with your SCRUM board where you clearly – and therefore very transparent – show what currently happening in your sprint.

What is included in the Toolbox:
– Divider Tape – for custom Board Layout
– Planning Poker cards – powerful tool to make planning faster and more accurate
– Magic Notes – self-adhesive notes on which you can easily put the treated stories, after which you
move them easily from column to column. You can then reuse them in the next sprint
– Board markers – to write stories on your board
– Board cleaner – to get your board clean again after finishing your sprint
– Microfiber cloth – for an intensive cleaning of your Whiteboard or Glass board

Do you want such a beautiful and especially handy AGILE Toolbox?

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