🏭 Step into the Future of Lean in Manufacturing with Our New VR Game! 🎮

Together with Galaxy Games we worked hard to create a great game for LEAN as well.

I notice that it is sometimes very difficult to do a ‘Gemba walk’ with a group of trainees. People are really not looking for a group that ‘comes to see’ how you have organized your processes in your organization

And what better way to do this ‘Gemba walk’ than with the help of groundbreaking virtual technology?

🕹ī¸ Get to know the VR-LEAN-Production Game: We tried to simulate a production line of a car factory, after all it originated at Toyota. This game allows us to simulate complex processes, identify waste and explore optimization opportunities, all in a virtual environment.

🏭 Why this one is so great:

  1. Hands-on Training: It provides a hands-on learning experience where we can experiment and learn from our mistakes without risking real production processes. This allows us to improve our skills and deepen our knowledge of Lean principles.
  2. Visualization of Processes: It visualizes complex manufacturing processes in an intuitive and engaging way, giving us a deeper understanding of the flow of materials, information and activities in our factory.
  3. Team Collaboration: It promotes teamwork and collaboration through shared goals and challenges. Working together in a virtual environment strengthens our bond as a team and improves our communication and coordination skills.
  4. LEAN knowledge:Throughout the levels you have to solve all kinds of puzzles that a Lean expert (Belt) should know, real headaches 😇 So your LEAN knowledge is also put to the test

🚀 Not just for Training: But wait, there’s more! I not only use this fantastic game for training, but can also be used during team meetings or improvement workshops. It provides an interactive and engaging way to identify problems, devise solutions and make improvements to our production processes.

In short, the game opens the door to a new dimension of Lean in Production, where efficiency, quality and continuous improvement come together in a virtual world.

Curious to experience it yourself? Let’s explore the future of manufacturing together, armed with our VR headsets and an unstoppable drive for improvement!

I look forward to your responses and let’s strive for operational excellence in our production environment together!

Over mij

Ik ben Debby Eekman, ik ben LEAN expert.

Ik vind het heerlijk om samen met de klant te kijken naar de processen en de teams, om te zien hoe we dit kunnen verbeteren. Betere teams kunnen samen stellen zodat mensen meer plezier, kwaliteit en productiviteit leveren. Mensen in hun kracht zetten!

Projecten en processen blijven verbeteren en meer (klant) waarde, met minder kosten, minder verzuim maar met veel meer plezier, transparantie en zonder stress!