Sprint Review

Each sprint consists of four Scrum meetings, namely: Sprint Planning , Daily Scrum , Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective . In this article, we’re going to talk about the Sprint Review.

The Sprint Review (also called Demo) is there so that the team members can present the result of the last sprint. This way you can gather feedback from customers / stakeholders and take this into account in the progress of the Scrum process.

Often the customer only knows exactly what he wants when he has seen part of the product. The input you gather during a Sprint Review can be of enormous value. The Product Owner can also nicely test whether the wishes of the customer are reflected in the product. He or she also uses the feedback to adjust and adjust the priorities on the product backlog. You can use this for the next sprint.

The Scrum Master facilitates this meeting and ensures that the Product Owner, but also the other members of the team, really learn from a Sprint Review.


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