January 23

Sprint Retrospective


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Each sprint consists of four Scrum meetings, namely: Sprint Planning , Daily Scrum , Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. In this article, we’re going to talk about the Sprint Retrospective

The Sprint Retrospective is held after each sprint, during this meeting we look back on the last sprint. What went well and what could be improved, after all SCRUM is all about improve your team so that you can deliver even better products.

It is not the moment to point fingers, on the contrary, we do this as a team! It is precisely the intention that there is a confidential atmosphere where everyone can and wants to say what could possibly be improved. Always try to approach this in a positive way. there are really nice tools and ideas for doing that.

Collect the data that made the sprint go very well, or what caused it to go slightly less. Then go through these points together and discuss together what and how we can improve or retaine next time. Take at least 1 point as an improvement point to the next sprint and then see in the next Retrospective what you have done as a team to improve that point. Did it work? awesome!!It just didn’t work out? why not?

Making mistakes is allowed, as long as you learn from them!

It is also good / fun to have the Retrospective always prepared by a different team member, so you keep the team extra motivated and involved.


Fun retrospective



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