Sprint planning

Each sprint consists of four Scrum meetings, namely: Sprint Planning , Daily Scrum , Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective In this article we are going to talk about Sprint Planning.

The Sprint planning takes place before a new sprint starts – so every 2 or 4 weeks. Here everything is planned in detail and made concrete. That way everyone knows exactly what needs to be done.


The Product Owner prepares by making the Product Backlog completely up-to-date and, above all, transparent. This means, for example, that the Product Backlog Items for the next 2-4 Sprints are clearly worked out, so that several items fit into the Sprint. Product Backlog Items in the form of a User Story are “ready”: they also contain an estimate of the effort and acceptance criteria.

Developers prepare by going through the ready items. They have already encountered these in previous refinement sessions, so this is going very quickly.

The Scrum Master facilitates the Sprint Planning. He or she ensures that the Product Owner and Development Team understand each other well and that they arrive at a supported plan for the sprint in the timebox set.

Here we go… your Sprint Planning

Scrum Master : he or she makes sure everyone sticks to the timebox. This is determined prior to the Sprint Planning. A Sprint of 4 weeks means a maximum timebox of 8 hours.

Product Owner : He or she submits the Product Backlog Items with the highest priority to the Development Team during the Sprint Planning. The Product Owner explains them so that it is understandable for everyone.

Development team : The team determines how many items they pick up. The list of the selected Product Backlog Items forms the Sprint Backlog. The Scrum Team jointly sets a goal that shows what needs to be completed at the end of the sprint.

Enough items selected? Good. Then the Development Team makes a plan to do the work. For example, it can be split into small tasks that do not exceed 1 day of work. These tasks are on the Scrum board under the heading “To-Do” … And the sprint can begin!

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