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SCRUM training

How often are your products delivered on time, without stress and with the right customer value? SCRUM offers you all kinds of tools to help you and your team to give and deliver more structure, less stress and more customer value. We provide SCRUM training at our office, online or at your location.

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Do twice as much in half the time

SCRUM is a method in which you always deliver part of a project in short periods. You create a continuous delivery and learning process. And in order to learn, after ‘planning something’ and then ‘making something’ you need feedback to improve further. Working with SCRUM reduces the time you spend on inventing/planning something and making something shorter. This way you can ask for feedback on an interim result earlier. To get good feedback, it is important to deliver a working sub-product. In SCRUM, the smallest version of a working product to be delivered is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Various techniques are used for this, such as:

  • SCRUM Team
  • 3 Pillars
  • 5 values
  • Artifacts
  • and much more

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