SCRUM Master

What does a scrum master do;
⦁ Coaching the Development Team in terms of self-organization and multidisciplinary work
⦁ Removing impediments in the progress of the Development Team
⦁ Facilitating Scrum events when requested or needed
⦁ Planning Scrum implementations in the organization
⦁ Initiating changes that increase the productivity of the Scrum Team
⦁ Helping PO in order of the Backlog, so that the maximum value can be obtained.
⦁ Show the Scrum Team the need to create clear and concise Product Backlog items

A SCRUM master is not a police officer or glorified scetarse, certainly not.

A scrum master ensures that a scrum project is managed properly. Scrum is a method for working towards an end product in a flexible manner in short sprints. The scrum master coaches the self-managing scrum team in the implementation of the project and ensures that the team members can perform their work properly and according to the scrum methods.
The scrum master is not responsible for the implementation or the content of the project to be worked; that is the product owner . The scrum master is only a facilitator of a good process.

A scrum master’s main task is to ensure optimal performance of the scrum team. For this, the scrum master ensures that the rules of the scrum method are followed and he or she makes the team enthusiastic to work according to the method. Do the team members run into anything? Then it is up to the scrum master to resolve the bottlenecks, so that the team can fully focus on the project and there is no unnecessary delay.

Important principles of scrum are that a team must be able to respond quickly to changing circumstances. For this – as in rugby, where the term comes from – it is essential that team members are empowered and work together, with the same intention and goal in mind. To achieve this, the scrum master takes the team in tow.


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