SCRUM Master training (PSM1)

If you are going or want to work as a Scrum Master or in a SCRUM team in the future, but you have no idea what this means exactly, then this training is exactly for you.
The SCRUM Master training (PSM1) is the basic training for SCRUM Master
During this 2 day training you will learn what SCRUM is, where it comes from, what it means and what a SCRUM team looks like.

  • Who is in a SCRUM Team (and who is not)
  • What does a SCRUM Team do
  • What are the roles
  • What do the roles do (but also what they don’t do😊)
  • What are the “rituals” and why do we do them
  • What tools can you use to become / be a Successful SCRUM team.
The different roles are all discussed, however the role of SCRUM Master will of course be discussed more widely.
The various “rituals”, tools and terms that are specific to SCRUM are also extensively discussed and put into practice during the training.
This way you know what to expect as soon as you join / start working in a SCRUM team.

If you have any questions regarding this training, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!

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