Product Owner

A product owner works within an agile organization and is responsible for the implementation and (further) development of products, functionalities and systems. To this end, the product owner works together in a self-organizing, multidisciplinary team and is – as the job title indicates – ‘the owner’ of and thus ultimately responsible for the product to be developed and further developed.
A product owner is part of a self-managing team that works together on new projects and products according to an agile method. The product owner is the central point of contact in this team, collects ideas, sets the course, monitors the progress of the project and makes adjustments where necessary.
The Product owner is ao. responsible for the
Product Backlog, what should be done?
What does the highest value have for the Business? (Prioritization)
What are the requirements and are they complete / clear for the team
Organizing Demos
The link between the business and the Team


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