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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our SAP consultancy? We may have already answered these once. Is your question not listed here? Then fill in our contact form .[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section][et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”3.22.3″ locked=”off”][et_pb_row make_equal=”on” _builder_version=”3.25″ width_tablet=”80%” width_phone=”90%” width_last_edited=”on|tablet” locked=”off”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.25″ custom_padding=”|||” custom_padding__hover=”|||”][et_pb_toggle title=”What is Scrum?” _builder_version=”4.5.7″ _module_preset=”0b0eaa45-69ad-4bd3-8bba-2e2bd65f39a1″]

Scrum (zn.): A framework within which people tackle complex, adaptive problems while producing products with the highest possible value in a productive and creative way.

Scrum is a process framework that has been used since the 1990s to manage work on complex products. Scrum is not a process, technique or fixed method. Instead, it is a framework within which you can deploy the various processes and techniques. Scrum provides insight into the relative effectiveness of your product management and working techniques so that you can continuously improve the product, the team and the work environment.

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  1. If you want a quick response to change
  2. Direct cooperation with the customer / company
  3. A method such as SCRUM successfully achieves the integration of all parties involved in a project.
  4. Motivation and responsibility of teams
  5. If you want to get out of a deadlock because you keep preparing, planning, consulting and researching while you want to get started quickly;
  6. Want to achieve more in less time

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The Scrum Master
The Scrum Master supports the process and is there for the team. He guides the team by ensuring that the correct process is followed.

However, the Scrum Master is not the same as a project manager. To promote openness and cooperation, the Scrum Master is not concerned with personnel matters such as selection, assessment and remuneration of the team members.

Product Owner
The Product Owner represents the interests of the customer. He is the client or he can be the customer himself. He has the most interest in the product being made and of good quality, because he pays the bill.

He or she also manages the backlog, so he or she decides in what order what should be done. The most important wishes are always at the top because they yield the most benefit.

The (development / development) team
The team is multidisciplinary and responsible for delivering the product at the end of each sprint. The team members ensure that the product meets the customer’s wishes and that it is produced within the sprint. Usually the team consists of 3 to 9 people who organize themselves. The team does all the work on the product: analysis, design, development, testing and documentation.

[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title=”Do I need preliminary training?” _builder_version=”4.6.0″ _module_preset=”0b0eaa45-69ad-4bd3-8bba-2e2bd65f39a1″ hover_enabled=”0″ sticky_enabled=”0″]

You do not need any preliminary training for the PSM1 training.
PSM1 is the Basic training for SCRUM, so everything is explained very clearly from the start
[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title=”How long does the training take?” _builder_version=”4.6.0″ _module_preset=”0b0eaa45-69ad-4bd3-8bba-2e2bd65f39a1″]Professional Scrum Master 1 (PSM-1) is a two-day training, which in most cases is given to a private person. This way you stay comfortable in the matter.
During this training you will learn:

  • What is SCRUM
  • How it works
  • What are the roles and rules
  • Agile manifesto
  • SCRUM values

[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title=”What does the training cost?” _builder_version=”4.5.3″ _module_preset=”0b0eaa45-69ad-4bd3-8bba-2e2bd65f39a1″]The costs of this training are € 945.00 pp.(excl. VAT)
This includes a delicious lunch, coffee and tea
And Free parking in front of the door.[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title=”Which SAP processes do you support” _builder_version=”4.6.0″ _module_preset=”0b0eaa45-69ad-4bd3-8bba-2e2bd65f39a1″]We mainly focus on Retail and FMS (Fashion Management Service), that’s where our most experience lies. We can support you with processes and customizing in particular in the direction of Sales and Delivery, but also with Master data.[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle title=”What are the costs? (Sap Consultancy)” _builder_version=”4.6.0″ _module_preset=”0b0eaa45-69ad-4bd3-8bba-2e2bd65f39a1″]Answer: Since it depends very much on the assignment and the work, we only use customer-oriented quotations. We would like to contact you for this, after which we can discuss the activities and wishes in order to arrive at a nice offer.[/et_pb_toggle][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

Over mij

Ik ben Debby Eekman, ik ben LEAN expert.

Ik vind het heerlijk om samen met de klant te kijken naar de processen en de teams, om te zien hoe we dit kunnen verbeteren. Betere teams kunnen samen stellen zodat mensen meer plezier, kwaliteit en productiviteit leveren. Mensen in hun kracht zetten!

Projecten en processen blijven verbeteren en meer (klant) waarde, met minder kosten, minder verzuim maar met veel meer plezier, transparantie en zonder stress!