Definition of Done (DOD)

Mother’s Day, Bram and Tamara had thought of doing the laundry for Mom, with Dad’s help.

Wash in the machine, add detergent, softener, turn that thing on and you’re done. Proudly they went on with what they were doing.

After all, they were done right? The laundry was done!

But was that also the case? What is the definition of “do the laundry”, when is it “Done” !! When it’s in the machine? Or if it is ironed and clean in the greenhouse?

Does your team know when a “task” or “assignment” is really done? To ensure that the entire team has the same definition of when an assignment is ‘done’, it is good to draw up a DOD (Definition Of Done) together. In this DOD you jointly determine what needs to be done before an assignment is ‘really’ finished.


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