Corona measures

During this Corona time when we are not allowed to meet, the training will take place online.

If we are allowed to (partially) meet again, there will be enough space at our location (Almere) to keep 1.5 meters away. The groups will stay a bit smaller – for Corona the maximum size of the group was 12 people – now with Corona the group will not be larger than 8 people so that we have all the space.

We also have a disinfection column so that everyone can disinfect their hands properly.

Lunch is packed per person, so you will be asked in advance which sandwiches you would like to receive for your lunch.

Our services

Scrum training

The training is intended for all interested parties who want to develop products or services using the Scrum framework, but is focused on those responsible for organizing, guiding or introducing Scrum: Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Scrum Team members.

SAP consultancy

If you have trouble keeping up with SAP innovations, we are happy to support you in developing custom-made standard processes. This allows us to help you improve business processes. DE SAP Consultancy provides advice, focused on your company structure and with your application landscape as a starting point.