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How ideal is your team? A team is more than a group of people put together. With the BELBIN technique you learn to distinguish people into Thinkers, Doers and People people. After all, a football team doesn’t just consist of goalkeepers or strikers, right? If you want to have a well-functioning team, you must have different types of people in your team.

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Do you want a brilliant team of people or a Team of brilliant people?

A good football team does not only consist of 11 goalkeepers or strikers, but of 11 people with different disciplines. So why should that be any different in your team?

Belbin distinguishes the following roles:
  • Businessman. Stable and controlled. …
  • Group worker. Stable, outgoing, little dominating. …
  • Researcher. Stable, dominant, extroverted. …
  • Plant. Dominant, very high intelligence, introverted. …
  • Chairman. Stable, dominant, extroverted. …
  • Shaper. Restless, dominant, extroverted. …
  • Warner. …
  • Caregiver.

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