Agile is a term that we hear more and more in the business world, but what is AGILE actually?

AGILE is a mindset, a way of working. Literally means AGILE = Flexible, Agile and agile. In small steps we will work together (as a team) on a product. A product in which there is the possibility to make adjustments in between, so that what is delivered at the end of the process also fully meets the expectations of the customer.

AGILE consists of various methodologies that can be used to make a project a success.
Some examples of AGILE methodologies are:

  • DSDM = Dynamic system development method
    (R) UP = (rational) unified process
    XP = Extreme Programming

SCRUM is the most used and best known method of these

What does the AGILE method of working yield?

When you use the principles in the right way, it delivers a lot of value for both employees and customers.
Because the customers are closely involved in this method, they are also encouraged to participate more and it is therefore possible to develop a product that meets exactly what the customer needs.
This increases customer satisfaction and reduces risk.

Results of AGILE work:

Satisfied customers
Faster delivery
Fewer mistakes – through better and faster feedback
Productive and motivated employees
Higher profit margins
All things we like to see, right?
So let’s get started !!!
Follow our SCRUM training to get a better understanding of AGILE working and the SCRUM Methodology!


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