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DESC holding

DESC Holding helps you set up your SAP system so that you can get the most out of the SAP software. We also provide Scrum training at our office or at your location.

Debby Eekman

Scrum en Lean Coach & SAP consultant

“Wil je een team Briljante mensen of een Briljant team mensen?.”

(M. Belbin)

My name is Debby Eekman and I am the owner of DESC Holding. As a SAP consultant and Scrum coach I help companies get the best out of their team. Thanks to my many years of practical experience as a SAP consultant, I can support your company with training in the field of SD, MM, LO, AFS, FMS and CAR.

In addition to SAP consultancy, we also offer Scrum coaching. THE Scrum Coach can help you implement SCRUM within your company, provide training on location or follow a training course with us in Almere.

Our services

Scrum training

The training is intended for all interested parties who want to develop products or services using the Scrum framework, but is focused on those responsible for organizing, guiding or introducing Scrum: Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Scrum Team members.

LEAN Training

If you notice that processes are no longer running as well as before or that customers have to wait longer or are less satisfied, then it might be a good idea to take a closer look at your processes.


Why Desc Holding?

Training company-oriented

Partly because of the experience gained, the insight into business processes is great, which also makes it clear to provide training to the business and explain how processes work and should work.

Experience and opinion

In the past 13 years I have been able to work at various companies. Here I gained experience in various areas of how other companies have set up and / or adapt processes in their system.

Low price

For 945 euro (excl BTW) per person you can already follow a Agile training. SAP Consultancy is tailor-made so that you know where you stand.

Strong communication skills

Since I have worked both on the end user side and now on the development side it is very easy to switch so that the wishes from the business are clearcan be translated to the developer.

Small groups

We work with small groups of 6-12 people so that we have time and attention for everyone

High Quality

Because of these small groups, we have plenty of time and attention for everyone and we have all the time to answer all questions in detail


What clients say about us

Customers we have worked for

+30 companies have already preceded you. Below a number of customers we have worked for.

Getting the best out of your team?

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